New business etiquette- be productive at home!

With the new measures that have been in place for two months now, many people suddenly find themselves having to work from home. Adapting may be difficult for those who are not used to this new reality. Be aware, however, that there are certain rules of etiquette that are worth respecting. I have prepared some recommendations for you

Plan a clear workspace

The idea of ​​working from bed may be tempting. You could even respond to emails with the television on in the background. While it’s normal that you want to think about yourself right now, working in such conditions can be anti-productive. If you don’t have a home office, be sure to dedicate a space for your work, whether at the living room table or in the spare room.

Dress to focus

We may all have adopted comfortable clothing during the past few days. However, you may wish to consider starting your day by showering and washing, and wear comfortable but still professional clothing. Someone may need to video call you at the last minute.

 Set a fixed schedule (as much as possible!)

Your mornings may be less stressed when working from home: Enjoy it, and take time for lunch. However, it is important to remain focused and to turn on your computer as usual when you begin your activity. Maintain a strict working day schedule so that your personal time is not eaten into. .

How reliable may technology be?…

I saw a few incidents happening over the last few weeks which made me think. The husband of a lady in the middle of a video conference call was wearing underwear in the background to the camera. It is important to limit your video conferencing space, and turn off your microphone properly after the call is finished. Consider all situations. Such a mistake can occur really easily.

Respect your colleagues

Maybe your baby daughter wants a spontaneous hug, and your young son has found a new way to play with his toy car, but do not forget that your colleagues have their own issues at home to deal with. For example, pause your video conference if your little one is bothering you, or offer to call your colleague again at a later time to manage everything. And as a colleague, be understanding with others when you see that their children need something.