Corporate courses

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Why should you choose Babel Language?

1. Before starting each module, we organize a demonstration course to present our working methods
2. Experience in the corporate field
3. We run a free language level assessment (written and spoken) in order to evaluate the language skill of each participant
4. Interactive methods based on conversation

5. Innovative digital resources

6. Customized classes

7. An extensive network of qualified trainers

8. Free consultancy sessions (language coaching)

Today, studying one or more foreign languages has become essential for companies. This skill can ensure professional development and allows you to face different situations.

Linguistic auditing - Prior to starting a course, we run a free language level assessment (written and spoken) in order to evaluate the language skill of each participant. You are assigned a level, corresponding to the Common European Framework of Reference.

Before starting each module, we organize a demonstrative course to present our working method. We offer textbooks published by international universities or well-known publishers, with an excellent quality in foreign language teaching.

The trainings organized by our school are based on interactive methods that stimulate conversation and also include elements of interculturality and etiquette necessary for communication in an international business environment

The main purpose of our study programs is to help participants improve their ability to express themselves at work, regardless of the field in which they operate. The courses are personalized and are addressed to most industries.

The coursework aims to develop the general skills of writing, listening, reading and communication.

For a better monitoring of the courses, Babel-Language provides the clients with an attendance list for each group and feedback reports, which the trainer completes at the end of each module.

Babel-Language students benefit from a free consultancy session on a monthly basis.  Language coaching is useful at the beginning of the course to discuss the objectives and the study plan and afterwards, these sessions have the purpose of maintaining the motivation of the students and to encourage them to express their feedback.

Personalized content

The theme of the corporate programs is adapted according to the situations that may occur in the business environment - a business meeting, business presentation, writing emails, etc.

Our courses cover all areas of activity

  • IT
  • Business
  • Public services
  • Tourism
  • Commerce
  • Medicine and Pharma
  • Advertising
  • Diplomacy
  • Energy industry
  • Automotive

Why is Babel Language the most inspired option for online courses?

  1. Absent persons will subsequently receive the registration of the course
  2. The online courses are accompanied by the study on an eLearning platform. Those who want more flexibility can train with exercises and digital activities, and at the end they will be able to receive the teacher's feedback.

3. A free consultancy session (language couching)




+4 0769566885