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How do preschoolers learn?

In our experience, games are the most effective pedagogical method, as they train the imagination and stimulate the discovery of a foreign language in a friendly atmosphere. Older children will feel encouraged to show what they have accumulated. For school children, games are in the form of quizzes and/or treasure hunts.

Stories (either classic or digital) are another method we like to share with children. They develop listening skills and stimulate interest in reading.

Songs and poems are useful aids of teachers and children who want to become acquainted with a foreign language. In addition, they arouse interest in reading.

Babel-Language students benefit from a free consultancy session on a monthly basis.  Language coaching is useful at the beginning of the course to discuss the objectives and the study plan and afterwards, these sessions have the purpose of maintaining the motivation of the students and to encourage them to express their feedback.

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+4 0769566885