New business etiquette-conference calls

Conference calls are now an inescapable part of our work from home and they may need extra attention. A survey from a Harvard Business Review shows that 65% of senior managers in a range of industries think meetings distract them from finishing their own tasks . 71% say meetings may be not very effective. 64% consider conference calls come at the expense of deep thinking. 62% say people should meet face-to-face rather than attending digital meetings.

1.Taking notes is a great way to keep a record of what was discussed during the meeting. Since everything is happening remotely, there is no guarantee that there will be notes forthcoming

2.While at home you may feel at ease with normal daily routines, however try to maintain professional conduct, as you would in the office. If a conference call is taking place during your lunch period, eating while on call might may make the other(s) feel that you are not paying enough attention to work.

3. It is recommended to put your phone on silent. This will help you stay focused. Paying attention to noisy distractions (air conditioning, ventilation, pets) may improve the effectiveness of your meeting.

4. Try to find a good lighting area – a natural and soft light from a window you are sitting near to.

5. Dress appropriately for business

You may be tempted to remain casual because everyone knows you are working from home. However, choosing a simple shirt instead of over-sized hoodies or t-shirts with print can make you behave and feel more professional.

6 Ladies should put a little effort into their hair and make-up

If you are away from the office and now you are seeing your colleagues on video call, it is advisable to present yourself with the same image. If you never wore make-up at work before, then you can continue to do the same. However, a little mascara or lipsick would make the difference.