Romanian for Foreigners


Why Take Romanian Lessons?

To be more effective in your surroundings

Through a positive attitude and good communications skills, we give you the tools to memorise vocabulary long-term, and therefore increase your aptitude to learn Romanian

To gain self-confidence

Your abilities to learn and speak Romanian will give you a lease of life and sense of freedom

To understand Romanian better

Immersing yourself in the depths of language is easy and natural. The language barrier and fear of making a mistake will be overcome almost instantly.

To smile more  

Our Romanian lessons are charged with positive emotions and conducted in an artistic environment. Learning Romanian is made easy with us.

To have more time for yourself

There is no homework, with students only being engaged during the lessons.

Where? – Militari Residence, str Tineretului/ Blv. Aviatorilor (sector 1)/ online, on Skype

Individual class- 60 min 125 lei, 90 min 175 lei

group class – 90min -100 lei each person ( 2 – 4 students)