How to create a positive mindset

Intelligence, knowledge and charisma are great, although the difference between successful
and less successful is more than this. It consists of everyday habits, the way we choose to
spend our free time, our mindset and the approach we have towards people we work with,
friends family, the money we earn, the work we do.

1.Live within your means
It is less risk taking to avoid excessive spending by paying future first. Rich people save 20%
of their net income and live on the remaining 80%.
Almost all the people who struggle financially, live beyond their means. They spend too much
and having debts is a habit. It is more cautious to estalish a budget for each month.

2.Read every day
Reading information that will increase your knowledge of your business or career will make
you more valuable to your colleagues and customers. Among the wealthy, 88% read 30
minutes or more each day.

It is recommended to reduce time surfing the Internet, unless it is work related.
free time is precious and this is why you may consider to use it for personal development,
networking, improving your business, or acheving a goal that will bring rewards later.

4.Control your emotions

Not all the thoughts that cross our mind need to be expressed. You might risk hurting others if
you do not take time to reflect before.
Wait until you say what you have in mind until you are calm and have had time to objectively
examine the situation. Fear is perhaps the emotion the most difficult to deal with.

Whether you are afraid of change, make mistakes, take risks, or simply fail, conquering these
emotions is about leaning a little until you develop confidence. It's amazing how much
confidence helps.

5.Set goals, not wishes
It is hard to influence the achievement of a wish. You can start by thinking of your long term
goals and short time goals.

6.Procrastination is a questionable strategy
Successful people understand that delaying something that must be done affects quality of
work and damages other relationships with clients, employees and colleagues.

7.Speak less and listen more
Communication comes from the word common. It is not only about expressing yourself, but
also sharing things with the other. This is why the best communicators are also the best
listeners. Educating yourself is related to listening to what others have to say. The more you
learn about your relationships, the more you can help them.

8. Structure

It’s necessary to have structure in your daily life in order to succeed. I make a list every morning of things that I have to do throughout the day. And, by creating structure, you create also flexibility in your life


9. Positive Mental Attitude

Rather than thinking of things as obstacles, to think about solutions


10. Exercise & Healthy diet

This is so important to enable self-discipline, as it creates positivity. Regular exercise creates endorphins which really help to be able to maximise your day, personally and professionally.